New Members

Linda and Sheldon Ackerman-PA

Robin Katz Appelbaum-OH

Carol and Howard Baker-(DEC)

Arlene Gross-PA and Mal Clark-OH

Joseph Katz-OH

Betty and Don Kasner-PA

Marion and Henry Landsberg-FL

Deby and Sheldon Levi-VA

Randi and Donn Neurman-WV

Glenn Perry-MD

Judy Pressman-MD

Susan and David Reiter-PA

Susan and Larry Rockafellow-IN

Carol and Steve Rosen-PA

Sonia Sugarman-NY and Sam Korus-NY

Gail Wachtel-PA and Bob Meinhart-PA
Members who joined earlier this year:
J Lee and Laurie Rosenau
Lindy Adams and Gene Sober
Mela and David Ayd
Hedy Bednarz 
Sandy and Stu Brown
 Barbara Burton  and Randy Kresley
George and Wendy Corbeett
Susan and Mark Dean 
Melanie and Jay Dolan
 Merle and Barry Erlich 
Sharon and Carl Frankel

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